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6 Reasons Why a Tree Needs to Be Cut Down

It’s never a nice decision to have a tree felled. Trees look beautiful, they’re home to wildlife, and they are good for the planet. But there are some rare cases where trees need to be cut down. If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed below in Lewes or surrounding areas, we suggest giving us a call so we can assess your tree and let you know if it needs to be cut down.

Reasons Why a Tree Needs to Be Cut Down

1. Death

It’s usually pretty obvious when a tree has died. The branches will be bare and it can begin to darken in colour. Although they don’t look great, many people think that dead trees are ok to leave.

The truth is dead trees are dangerous and can lead to serious injury or damage. Dead branches snap and fall off much more easily and the entire tree can also be blown over because the root system is also dead and may rot.

2. Disease

If you act quick, a diseased tree can often be saved and nursed back to health. This usually involves pinpointing the issue, pruning diseased areas, and treating the cause (if you’re unsure how to treat your tree, a professional tree surgeon will be able to help.)

However, if the disease has spread too far, the safest option is usually to fell the tree to avoid it falling or spreading disease to nearby trees.

3. Location

If a tree has grown particularly large, its root system may be interfering with nearby pipes, drainage, driveways, or even buildings. Branches can also cause damage if the tree is too close to a summerhouse, conservatory, wall, etc. In this case, it’s usually best to cut the tree down and replant a new sapling in a better location.

4. Leaning

You might notice that your tree is leaning in a certain direction due to the shape of the trunk or improper pruning has caused more weight on one side. This is another serious hazard and makes the tree prone to falling in bad weather.

5. Decay

It’s not easy to spot internal decay in a tree, but a professional tree surgeon will be able to assess the tree and tell you if this is the issue. Because it’s so hard to spot, this problem usually becomes too far gone to solve by the time anyone notices. This is why once the tree has begun to decay for whatever reason, it’s usually safest to cut the tree down.

6. Obstruction

Sometimes, you might have a perfectly healthy tree that’s in a good location, but it’s seriously obstructing light in your garden. It’s a shame to cut down a healthy tree, but if it is casting large shadows over your garden or your neighbour’s property, this might be another reason to have the tree felled. Luckily, in this case, a new sapling can be planted in its place and properly maintained to ensure it doesn’t obstruct light again.

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