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What is the Process of Felling a Tree?

You’ve more than likely seen videos of tree surgeons felling trees, but have you ever wondered exactly how they make the tree fall safely? It’s true that felling a tree can go seriously wrong if not done properly, but as professionals with over 15 years of experience, we know exactly what to do to cut the largest trees down safely and without damage. Here’s a quick look into the process.

Process of Felling a Tree

1.   Safety Planning

The most important part of felling a tree is safety preparation. This ensures all tree surgeons are safe and the risk of injury or accident is minimised. Our rigorous safety preparations include a full assessment of the tree and surrounding area as well as following strict safety regulations.

2.   Decide On The Felling Direction

It’s vital to know which way you want the tree to fall to know how to cut the base. The best direction for it to fall is usually restricted by garden walls, buildings, and other obstructions. If the tree is naturally leaning, it’s best for it to fall in that direction.

3.   Tree Limbs And Buttress Roots Cleared

The first step is removing all the limbs of the tree one by one. We start at the base and work up, careful cutting through each branch and lowering it down to be cut up or mulched. And buttress roots which are protruding above the ground are also removed.

4.   The Horizontal Cut

The first cut in the base of the drunk is always horizontal. This is the beginning of making a notch that will cause the tree to fall. This is done at around hip height and around one third of the depth of the tree.

5.   The Wedge Cut

Next, a wedge is cut out by cutting an angle into the first cut. The wedge is then removed from the tree.

6.   The Back Cut

Finally, the back cut is what will control the fall of the tree and make sure it tips the way it’s supposed to. This is on the back of the tree, just above the horizontal cut. Before cutting, a felling wedge is inserted into the tree to make sure it falls the right way and to stop the tree getting stuck on the chainsaw.

7.   Escape Route

After completing the final back cut, the tree will begin to fall. It’s now vital that the tree surgeon moves out of harm’s way (all other workers will already be in the safety zone after the safety briefing).

Need a Professional Tree Surgeon?

Although it is possible to fell a tree yourself, it is incredibly dangerous and the risk of injury or damage is high. It’s always best to hire a professional tree surgeon who is experienced, knows the felling process, and has the right equipment for the job.

If you live in Lewes or the surrounding area and need a reliable tree surgeon, call our team at Aspen Tree Care today. We will come out to survey your tree and give you a free quote for the job.

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